Susan Rice: We Been ‘on Top’ of the Islamic State Threat Since 2014

Sunday on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” President Barack Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice claimed that the administration had been on top of the ISIS threat going back to the summer of 2014.

Obama called ISIS a “jayvee team” in a  New Yorker article published published in January 2014.

Rice said, “Look, we’ve been on top of the threat since the summer of 2014 when ISIL made a significant move to take territory in Iraq. From that point on, we have act the militarily. But not just militarily, we have built diplomatically a coalition of 65 countries. We’ve worked to cut off ISIL’s source of review financing through an active counter financing campaign and now through trying to take out the oil production and distribution network. We’ve tried to counter the flow of foreign fighters into Syria and Iraq, and we have done that in partnership with dozens of countries.”

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