Andrea Mitchell: For Obama to Not Have a New Strategy ‘Really Is a Problem’

Monday on NBC’s “Today,” network chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell said President Barack Obama’s Oval Office address on terrorism did failed to outline a new strategy, to which she deemed to be a “problem.”

Mitchell said she thought Obama describing terrorism as like cancer was a “bad metaphor.

She continued, “What he need to project is that we have solutions. With no new strategy to announce having elevated this to a prime time Sunday night speech form the Oval office which — it’s rarefied air, and to not have a new strategy, to not explain military options, or new political options or to sort of embrace some sort of unifying vision really is a problem. Our new pole is indicating there are real concerns about terrorism. There is a partisan divide on this but so many people are now after Paris and San Bernardino bringing it home. He needed to speak after Paris.”

Mitchell added, “In fact he came to this position last night because of Democrats, as well as Republicans, but primarily Democrats in the leadership that are up for senate seats, saying you’ve got to deal with this. The country is really scared.”

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