Krauthammer: Obama Has ‘Insane’ View on War on Terror — Believes It Was ‘a Gross Overreach’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer doubled down on his criticisms a night earlier of President Barack Obama’s address to the nation on the war on terror.

Krauthammer questioned Obama’s motives for the speech then pointed to his previous acts that have undermined the war on terrorism.

“I think the reason Obama had to give that speech, and you really have to ask yourself what did he achieve, that he was told he had to show that he thinks this is a problem,” Krauthammer said. “His problem since the day he took office, he never wanted to fight the war on terror. He abolished the term. I think deep down he believes the war on terror was a gross overreach.  He said that in his speeches when he went abroad in 2009. He talked about America overreacting. And in a sense that we have provoked this. He says, if you talk about the Muslims in a bad way, that recruits for ISIS. Guantanamo is a recruiter for ISIS. When the fact is that the cruelty and the savagery and the ideology is a recruiter for ISIS. But he locates the origin of all that recruiting in what we do and he thinks, therefore, the cure is to do as little as possible. It’s an insane strategic view of the world, but he actually holds it. And I think that’s why the American people are so scared. He’s our leader and he believes that?”

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