Watch: Lakers Guard Nick Young Lands Forearm Blow to Opponent’s Throat

Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young was ejected from Sunday’s game against the Detroit Pistons when he shoved Pistons forward Anthony Tolliver after a hard foul.

“I didn’t punch him or nothing,” Young told ESPN. “I pushed him. It shouldn’t be that bad.”

Young cited the Lakers abysmal 3-17 record as reason for his temper flaring late in a blowout loss, but maintained was over-disciplined for the forearm shot to Tolliver’s neck, saying, “It’s still not his face, though.”

Lakers coach Byron Scott said of the incident, “Tolliver didn’t really go after him, I thought. I just thought he went up and tried to contest his shot. He wasn’t going to give him a layup. I thought he probably overreacted a little bit.”

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