Krauthammer: Trump’s Proposal ‘Truly, Deeply Bigoted,’ Maybe He Should Make People Eat Ham To Get Into US

Columnist Charles Krauthammer criticized GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s Muslim immigration proposal as “truly, deeply bigoted” and criticized the enforcement mechanism by jokingly suggested that people be required to eat a ham sandwich in order to enter the US on Tuesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

Krauthammer said, [relevant remarks begin around 4:45] “the problem is not that he might cost them the presidency. The problem is what he’s doing to the level of American discourse. This is at the highest level of presidential politics. And the issue is not just that it’s impulsive or unreasonable. This is truly, deeply bigoted. It is indefensible. And even if you put all of that aside, which you wouldn’t, but if you wanted to, and just talked about the practicality of this, he was asked, how do you police this? He said, well when you come through customs, the guy’ll ask you, ‘Are you a Muslim?’ And here is Donald Trump, tough guy, right? He’s going to really — he’s competent, all the others are incompetent. His answer is you’re going to ask them, is he a Muslim? So, here’s a guy that Trump is saying, is high bound to come out and to kill people innocently. But he’s going to be held to a George Washington cherry tree standard of not telling a lie to an infidel immigration officer. So, I think that Chris Stirewalt had the answer to this dilemma. He suggested that everybody coming through LaGuardia, JFK, [or] Dulles be forced to eat a ham sandwich. Now, that way, I would admit that some people will be caught in the net who shouldn’t, orthodox Jews and vegetarians, but as Trump says, this is war, and there will be collateral damage, so we have to get serious about this.”

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