Levin to Obama: ‘We Don’t Need Your Damn Lectures — There’s Something Seriously Wrong With You’

Monday on his national radio show, conservative talk show host Mark Levin reacted to President Barack Obama’s address to the nation a night earlier about the threat of terrorism.

Levin gave a scathing critique of the president for tone and for what he deemed to be a lecture.

For this guy to be lecturing 315 million law-abiding Americans who don’t bother anybody, who don’t harm anybody, who don’t send our kids overseas … we’re not trying to sneak into refugee camps and so forth – for him to be lecturing us when fourteen of our fellow citizens were shot down in cold blood and slaughtered, and 21 others too, and yet the next act of terrorism is a disgrace? This man is a humiliation.

How dare you talk to us this way Barack Obama. Don’t you know we’re the greatest people on the face of the earth? That’s why all the world’s people try and come to this country. Don’t you know that we go anywhere to fight for liberty and security, one hell hole to the other, defending people who shoot us in the back? We don’t need your damn lectures. There’s something seriously wrong with you. You don’t speak down to us this way.

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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