Fiorina: Some Non-Muslims Believe In ‘Objectionable Things’ Too, Should We Bar Them As Well?

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina accused fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump of “distracting” from the fact that he doesn’t have a plan to defeat ISIS by talking about a Muslim travel ban “which will never happen” and wondered, whether, by Trump’s logic, people from other countries with objectionable human rights practices should be admitted to the US on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Fiorina said, “Well, certainly we know that Sharia Law is counter to our Constitution and way of life. On the other hand, Sean, it’s true that people in many parts of the world, who are not Muslim also believe in very objectionable things. In China, for example, so many babies are aborted or left to die through exposure simply because they’re female. So, does that mean we have to worry about every Chinese who wants to become an American citizen?”

Hannity responded that this was a government regulation that people didn’t want. Fiorina countered, “it is mothers and father who choose to abort their children, or leave them to die through exposure because they’re female. The government’s policy is one child.” She added, “My point is, there are lots of cultures around the world who do not treat women with the same liberty and respect that we do here in the United States, that is absolutely true, and there’s no question that Sharia Law is counter to the Constitution.”  i think what is important —

She further said, “I think it’s a problem with all kinds of cultures, and certainly, it has been a culture with some Muslims, but I also think that right now, honestly, Sean, if I may say, because of Donald Trump’s comments, we’re talking about all of the wrong things. What we need to be talking about right now, is what are the practical steps that can be taken to protect the homeland right now? So, for example, [Sen.] Tom Cotton (R-AR), in the Senate, two days ago, in the senate made a very reasonable proposal that says do you know what? Despite the change in the PATRIOT Act, we need to make sure investigators have access to all of the NSA data, going back however long we should. [Rep.] Mike McCaul (R-TX) made some very sensible proposals. It’s also true that we now know, once again, that the government has been inept, that despite that metadata, before the PATRIOT Act changed, that these were two individuals in San Bernardino who had been radicalized years ago, who had been engaged in a pattern of conversation, and yet somehow we missed them, just like somehow we missed the Boston bombers. We need to be talking about why there is government ineptitude?”

Fiorina concluded, “And we also need to ask every single candidate, including Donald Trump, what is your plan for defeating ISIS, because I don’t think he has one. … Barack Obama tries to distract us from his lack of a plan to defeat ISIS by talking about gun control. Donald Trump is attempting, and succeeding, in distracting us from the reality that he has no plan, and no experience to defeat ISIS, by talking about a ban on all Muslims, which will never happen.”

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