Trump: ‘People Will Stupidly Vote’ for Hillary Clinton

Wednesday on “Live With Kelly and Michael,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized the Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, but admitted some people will still vote for her.

Trump said, “I don’t think I have a competitor because I’m leading by so much. Look, I guess Hillary is going to be. She shouldn’t be allowed to run because of what happened with email. She shouldn’t even be allowed to run. What she did was totally illegal. I assume she’s my biggest candidate. She doesn’t have the strength or the stamina to be president and I’ll tell you, it’s not a nice thing to say. It’s terrible.”

He continued, “She goes to an event the press is told where what to say where to go. They put them the a pen. They hold them. She does a little event and then she goes away for four or five days. We need somebody with unbelievable strength, stamina, smarts, cunning or we’re in trouble as a country. We are being out-dealt with every — you look at Mexico what they’re doing to us at the border — and with trade, you look at Japan with the cars what they’re doing us in trade. We’re losing $70 billion a year. We’re losing $400 billion a year with China. She doesn’t have the strength or the stamina. She’s got a name and people stupidly will vote for her. She doesn’t have the strength or the stamina.”

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