Buchanan: If I Were In ISIS, I’d Order More Attacks So Trump Wins and ‘The Great War With Islam Is On’

Columnist Pat Buchanan stated that if was in ISIS he would “do one or two more” “and we can elect and — nominate and elect Donald Trump, and the great war with Islam is on” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

Buchanan said, “if I were in ISIS, what I would do is I would say, look at the two characters [who] commanded the entire media of the United States and still do for a week, do one or two more of these things, they would up one of their sleeper cells, get this done, and we can elect and — nominate and elect Donald Trump, and the great war with Islam is on.”

He later added, “You send American troops over there into Syria, but ISIS, [is saying] please send 10,000 Americans into Raqqa. They’re begging for the great war with the Americans. Why would you comply with them?”

Earlier, Buchanan argued, “if there’s one or two more of these attacks, Lord forbid, between now and the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary, Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. I mean, I know his proposal is very controversial, but what we’ve got in the United States, and we know it now from the FBI, are ISIS cells, and ISIS personnel, and ISIS sympathizers. We don’t know how many exactly they are. We have no way apparently of really vetting them. That woman got in this country, and who was a terrorist, hell-bent on murder when she arrived with her new husband, or the husband-to-be. So, I think the problem, and what Trump is touching in — onto, is that Americans want to know, basically, are the folks coming into the country, are they coming here to kill us, do we have any way to know that? And if we don’t, maybe we ought to have a moratorium on immigration from the Islamic world. And to a lot of folks, I know, that’s fascism or Mussolini, to other folks, it makes common sense.”

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