Kerry: World Leaders ‘Shocked’ at Trump’s ‘Potentially Dangerous’ Muslim Ban

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” when asked about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposed temporarily ban Muslim immigration into the United States, Secretary of State John Kerry said world leaders are “shocked” and went on to describe it as “potentially dangerous.”

Host Chuck Todd asked, “You’ve spent a lot of time with a lot of diplomats around the world. What’s been their reaction to Donald Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslim immigration into the United States?”

Kerry said, “Well, those people who know the United States well are quite shocked because they see it as totally contrary to American values, as discriminatory and, frankly as potentially dangerous and it seems like a person running for United States is doing well in the polls is prepared to take actions that would, in fact, ratify the notion that people are at war against Islam, not against Daesh. So I think you have to be very careful by categorizing people by being Muslim. That’s discrimination and it’s contrary, I think, to the fundamental values of our country. We have plenty of ways to vet people. We already do it. We have a huge process of examining people for visas. We know who’s coming into our country for the most part.”

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