Obama: ‘We Are Hitting ISIL Harder Than Ever’

Monday at the Pentagon after a National Security Council Meeting on the strategy to combat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) President Barack Obama made a statement on the current stage of the fight and declared that ISIS is being hit harder now than it had been previously by the United States.

Obama said, “This fall, even before the revolting attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, I ordered new actions to intensify our war against ISIL. These actions including more fire power and special operations forces are well under way. This continues to be a difficult fight. As I said before, ISIL is dug in, including in urban areas, and they hide behind civilians, using defenseless men, women and children as human shields.”

He continued, “So even as we are relentless we have to be smart, targeting ISIL surgically with precision. At the same time, our partners on the ground are rooting out town by town, neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block. That is what this campaign is doing. We are hitting ISIL harder than ever. Coalition aircraft, our fighters, bombers and drones have been increasing the pace of their strikes. Nearly 9,000 as of today. Last month, in November, we dropped more bombs on ISIL targets than any other month since this campaign started.”

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