Jeb: Trump Is a Bully – He’s Not Quite All in Command

Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Republican presidential candidate former Gov Jeb Bush (R-FL) said his opponent Donald Trump is a “bully” that is “not quite all in command.”

Discussing his debate performance, Bush said, “I got to post up against Donald Trump. I don’t think he’s a serious candidate. I don’t know why others don’t feel compelled to point that out, but I did. I think I got a chance to express my views and compare them to someone who talks a big game but really hasn’t thought it through.”

He continued, “In the case of Donald Trump, he’s a bully. Look I mean, you guys have interviewed him all the time. He has his way. And to push up — post up against him a little bit and push back, you get a sense of, he’s not quite all in command.”

“What brothers me is our party will win if we have a hopeful optimistic message on foreign policy, if we have a message that believes in America’s exceptionalism,” Bush explained. “And I don’t think he does. I think he views the world in negative, pessimistic terms. He’s the mirror image of Barack Obama in a strange way that they both have competing forms of pessimism and express it in clearly different ways but we need to have a hopeful optimistic message, believing in the strength of our country and how we keep ourselves safe by projecting American leadership in the world. And the debate last night, I think brought some clarity to that.”

He added, “Look, Donald Trump’s not going to be president of the United States by insulting every group on the planet. You know, insulting women, P.O.W.s, war heroes, Hispanics, disabled, African-Americans, you can’t insult your way to the presidency. And I think people have to stand up against that. Look, people are angry. They have lots of anxiety for good reason but preying on that is not how you win. You have to give people a sense that we have to fix these big complex things both in foreign policy and our domestic economy.”

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