Watch: Nancy Grace Reacts to Facebook Video of Girl Gang Beating Up a White Female

Last week during an episode of HLN’s “Nancy Grace,” host Nancy Grace discussed a video of a girl gang beating up white female in Oklahoma that surfaced on Facebook last week.

Transcript as follows:

GRACE: Live, Del City, Oklahoma, caught on video. I didn`t think they would stop, says a young female good Samaritan who stops on the side of the road to help a mom with baby in stroller being beaten viciously by a girl gang. And then after the vicious attack, they actually post it on line, bragging and boasting about what they did on Facebook.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Video of the attack appeared on Facebook, tagging those involved. Police say that helped in their investigation.


GRACE: I want you to see this from the very beginning, all right? Liz, could you start it at the beginning with sound?




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, she`s about to take off (INAUDIBLE) (INAUDIBLE) She`s about to hit her (INAUDIBLE) I really (INAUDIBLE) she`s about to hit her. (INAUDIBLE)


GRACE: Now, you can hear the horn blowing in the background. That is the female good Samaritan. That is the blond-haired woman — that`s all I could tell about her — coming in to try to help this mother who was just coming along, pushing a baby in a stroller, when a girl gang of vicious thugs attacked the mom with a baby. You hear a man`s voice saying, I`m trying to protect your baby. There`s the good Samaritan trying to pull them off the victim. She gets the beat-down, as well. Long story short, you hear the male saying, I`m just trying to protect your baby. I`m just trying to protect your baby. But he doesn`t stop the beat-down on the mother. To Scott Mitchell, KOKC talk show host, thank you for being with us. Who are these thugs?

SCOTT MITCHELL, KOKC (via telephone): Well, you`re going to be surprised. It`s juveniles, so they`re at the juvey center. But you know, we got an epidemic of this, idiot parents raising idiot kids and right there for the videotape for the whole world to see.

GRACE: Let`s take it from the beginning. Stacey Newman, how did the whole thing start?

STACEY NEWMAN, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: Well, it started with what I`m going to call the mean girls` mom approaching this mother…

GRACE: Wait, wait, wait, little girl! Hold on just a moment. Mean girls? Stacey Newman, this is a felony, OK? “Mean Girls” was a movie about Lindsay Lohan, and I can`t remember anybody else, maybe Alicia Silverstone. Anyway, that`s about, like, changing your photos in the yearbook. This is about beating someone severely in the head and face, kicking them in the gut, possibly doing internal damage, with the baby stroller right there.

So let`s rephrase the mean girls, OK?

NEWMAN: OK, I`ll change it from mean girls` mom to the girl gang, as you said.

GRACE: Thank you.

NEWMAN: So they approach this mother who has the baby in the stroller. What we`ve heard from police is one of these attackers actually might know the victim. There were words exchanged, and the man behind the camera who`s recording this whole thing, he`s warning the mom, Push your baby out of the way because you`re about to get beat up.

GRACE: He`s just as bad as the others, Stacey! He`s videoing the whole thing. He`s videoing and saying, I want to protect your baby. BS!

He is part of this. He`s a co-conspirator. He`s — along with the rest, the whole kit-and-kaboodle need to stay in jail and stew for Christmas!

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