Chris Matthews: Obama Will Be Golfing When He Doesn’t Seem To Have Anything Going Against Terrorism

MSNBC host Chris Matthews argued that President Obama has “16 days of golf coming” when it doesn’t seem to be” that ” he’s got something going against terrorism” and “We really don’t understand our strategy” and the president has “moved on” “to become a world leader” on Friday’s “MSNBC Live.”

Matthews said, “I think the president has about three problems. First of all, 16 days of golf coming and golfing pictures at a time we’re facing a terrorist threat. That’s not going to be good for him. Secondly,Ii think he wants to show that he’s got something going against terrorism, where it doesn’t seem to be that he does right now. We don’t really understand our strategy. But the global thing with this president is he has moved on. If you look at his agenda this year…global issues, that’s where he’s facing attention, placing his soul, if you will. Everything Obama is doing right is to become a world leader over the next 20, 30 years, to be a man like Mandela, a leader in the world, who touches base in New York occasionally, comes home occasionally, basically is a world figure. At this very time, what’s the major appeal of Donald Trump and to some extent, and [Sen. Ted] Cruz (R-TX) and the others? Nationalism. Economic nationalism. We. Who’s looking out for us as Americans on immigration, on trade, on war, on everything? So the president is out of step with the basic appeal of the right, right now, which is nationalism. He’s playing the role of international figure, which is delightful in Europe and the rest of the world, as we can see. It’s not selling at home.”

(h/t Daily Caller)

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