Watch: ‘SNL’ Re-Enacts CNN GOP Debate in Cold Open

This weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” began with a re-enactment of the CNN GOP debate as its cold open.

Darrell Hammond, playing the role of Donald Trump, continued the beat-down on Jeb Bush, who took some ill-fated swings at Trump.

“Jeb, you’re a nice guy, but you’re a lightweight, and I know for a fact that you pee sitting down.”

During the faux-debate, Bobby Moynihan, as Chris Christie, replied to a question about protecting America with “fear-mongering statements.”

Pete Davidson as Rubio staked claim to being the best-looking of the candidates, which is why he said he resonated with voters.

“SNL” continued to mock Dr. Ben Carson as being boring and sheepish, even having him donning glasses to hide that he fell asleep during the debate.

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