Rick Perry on Putin Endorsing Trump: ‘What’s Next, Fidel Casto?’

Sunday on on CNN’s “State of the Union,” former Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) attacked Republican front-runner Donald Trump by describing him as inconsistent.

When asked about Vladmir Putin’s endorsement of Trump, Perry said, “What is next? Fidel Castro. I mean seriously.”

Host Jake Tapper said, “This is the front-runner of the Republican Party. I would think that would be the kiss of death.”

Perry, who was formerly a candidate for the GOP’s nomination, continued, “I thought there were a lot of kisses of death, but not so yet. And, you know, this is — we were just discussing in the green room. This is one of the most bizarre political environments I’ve ever been involved with and certainly even observed.”

Perry added, “I think Americans really need to think about is this the time in the history of this country that we need to have an individual who is so inconsistent in their thought and proclamations, I mean, when six months ago this individual said that you need to be really — you need to watch someone who who would use anti-inflammatory rhetoric against Muslims and six months later he says Muslims can’t be let into the country. Period.”

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