Bengals RB James Wilder Claims He Was Racially Profiled at Toys R Us

Cincinatti Bengals practice squad running back James Wilder Jr. took to social media Monday to talk about his Christmas shopping trip to Toys R Us.

In a series of tweets that have since been deleted from his Twitter account, Wilder chronicled his trip where he claimed he was accused of stealing from the store earlier that morning.

However, a Toys R Us employee tells a different story of what happened. A store supervisor said Wilder bought his items and overheard store employees discussing another shopper who tried to steal a cart of goods and Wilder took it as they were accusing him of being the thief.

The supervisor said nobody accused Wilder of any wrongdoing, but the former Florida State standout caused a scene, which prompted store officials to call the police.

A Toys R Us spokesperson said they are looking into the matter.

Wilder later posted tweets apologizing for his Twitter rant:

As a professional I apologize to everyone for my unprofessional rant about toys r us cause a few officers and one managers act… Not backing down at all the matter is being handled the right way through people who support me,I’ll trust the job will be handled correctly… Never would I want to take attention away from the bengals organizations success for negative press of an individual like I!!!

(h/t Fox8Live)

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