Barkley: Everybody Thinks They Are Part of Your Family ‘When You Are Black and Rich’

On the Thursday ESPN Radio broadcast of “Mike and Mike,” former NBA star Charles Barkley said he is not a fan of Christmas.

He reasoned that since he is “black and rich” that “everybody” acts like they are a part of his family and asks for nice gifts from him

“When you are black and rich, everybody think they are part of your family. Everybody’s a relative. Everybody wants a really nice gift. It’s like your family members members. One year you buy them a house, the next year you buy them a car, the next year you buy them a sweater, they look at you like, ‘You only got me a sweater.’ They always want the gifts to escalate so you can never get them a sweater because you bought them a house the year before because they get pissed.”

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