BLM Organzier Asha Long: Protests Are About ‘Terrorism’ of Police, Can’t Give Stats To Back Up Islamophobia Claims

Asha Long, an organizer for Black Lives Matter in Minneapolis, MN stated that the protests at the airport were to “call terrorism on the police department” and stated she couldn’t give statistics to back up her claim that “Islamophobia is rampant, especially in the airport. So many people are taken off their flights, and harassed” on Thursday’s “CNN Newsroom.”

Long said, “I think it’s important that we realize people who are upset about missing their flight, that many black lives are disrupted every day. Every day a black community is dealing with overpolicing, constant police harassment. Black students are being suspended at an astronomical rate. Black folks are unable to live their lives autonomously, and it’s important that we focus on what’s important, focus on getting justice and fixing the disparities in the black community.”

Long was then asked about protesters forcing TSA agents “to take their eye off the ball to handle protesters.”

She responded, “Safety for black lives is an illusion, especially at the airport. The airport is actually under investigation for the practices that they’re doing. As you know and as you’ve reported, Islamophobia is rampant, especially in the airport. So many people are taken off their flights, and harassed and it’s important –.”

Anchor Carol Costello then cut in to say there was “no evidence that many, many people are taken off their flights and harassed.” She challenged Long to give statistics to back this up, to which Long responded, “I don’t have statistics for you. What I do have is experience as a black person. I see my Muslim counterparts being harassed on the daily, whether at the airport or not. Black lives, in general, are harassed every day. I do not have statistics but I do have experience, which is just as valid.”

Costello then asked, “Is it really the best idea to disrupt things at the nation’s airports?”

Long answered, “Yes, I do think it’s a good idea. People that are going to the airport are trying to get home for Christmas, especially during this time, and it’s important to note that Jamar Clark will not have a Christmas. There will be a place setting that will not be used for Jamar Clark. So, we can’t just go on living our lives when black lives are in a state of emergency, when black lives are actually being harassed with terrorism. We can call terrorism on the police department. We can call terrorism and — we have to call out the terroristic tactics of the police at the airport.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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