Gerson: ‘Innovator in Contempt’ Trump ‘Not Credible’ When He Criticizes Clinton For Islamic State Recruitment Claim

Columnist Michael Gerson said that because GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is “an innovator in contempt” his complaints about Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claiming he was being used as an ISIS recruiting tool are “not credible” during a segment broadcast on Friday’s “PBS NewsHour.”

Gerson said, during a discussion on the feud between Trump and Clinton over Clinton saying ISIS was using Trump as a recruiting tool, and Trump’s reaction to it, “Donald Trump is an innovator in contempt, an innovator in the decay of American discourse. When it comes to knocking the disabled, or when it comes to comparing another candidate to a child molester, or when it — his raw misogyny. This is not normal. This is getting rid of the guiderails — the guardrails of American politics and life, and then to complain when they’re gone and they’re not used, it’s not credible in his case.”

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