‘McLaughlin Group’: Trump, Ayatollah Khamenei Among Year’s ‘Biggest Winners’; Jeb, GOPe Among ‘Biggest Losers’

On this weekend’s broadcast of the syndicated “McLaughlin Group,” the panelists rolled out their winners and losers of year in the first part of the annual installment of the show’s year-end awards.


Pat Buchanan: Donald Trump, American Pharoah

Eleanor Clift: Donald Trump, Paul Ryan

Tom Rogan: Ayatollah Khamenei

Clarence Page: Hillary Clinton

John McLaughlin: Donald Trump


Pat Buchanan: Washington insiders, Republican establishment

Eleanor Clift: Jeb Bush, fossil fuel industry

Tom Rogan: Jeb Bush, American’s with electricity bills

Clarence Page: Laquan McDonald

John McLaughlin: Xi Jinping

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