Carson: I Hope Voters Will Not Be ‘Fooled by Loud Speech’ or ‘Attracted to the Shiny Object’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said when voters actually go to the polls he hopes “people will not be fooled by loud speech.”

Host John Dickerson asked, “One of the points you said don’t mistake being soft spoken for not being strong. Do you think in this campaign there’s been over emphasis on demonstrations of faith, talking about bombing the bleep out of ISIS and carpet bombing ISIS. Has there been too much of emphasis on show of strength?”

Carson said, “I understand why that appeals to people. They feel we have been feckless and spineless. They want to see, ‘come on now, let’s get in there, let’s do something.’ I understand that completely. But I hope people will not be fooled by just loud speech and gesticulations. I hope people will actually look what has happened in a person’s life. It’s a much better indicator of their strength. What have they overcome. What have they have been able to accomplish. If they look at that in my life and look at the many of the other lives I think that will make a pretty powerful argument.”

He added, “Well, I actually think that when it comes down to actually making a choice, the people are going to be level headed. They’re going to carefully consider options. And I do belief they’re going to make the right choice. I am hoping and praying that that is exactly what will happen. That we will not be attracted to the shiny object in the room but we will look at what is going to actually solve our problems, because they are substantial. Our country is on the precipice, it’s about to go over the edge.”

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