FS1’s Whitlock Compares Peyton Manning to Bill Clinton: Too Much Protesting Makes Him ‘Look Guilty’

Fox Sports 1 personality and J.School blogger Jason Whitlock sat in as the host for “The Herd” on Monday and reacted to the al Jazeera undercover investigation that alleges Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning used human-growth hormone while recovering from his neck injuries in 2011.

According to Whitlock, Manning’s denial of the usage of HGH sounds like former President Bill Clinton’s denials of his affair with Monica Lewinsky. He proposed the star quarterback should stop denying the allegations and people will simply move on like they have with Clinton.”

“[Peyton Manning] shouldn’t be defending himself from it because when he does, he sounds like [Bill Clinton],” Whitlock said. “When you protest too much, it ends up making him look guilty. He should say nothing, keep it moving. No one cares what he did to get back on the field.”

“He’ll get impeached like Bill Clinton. In the rear view mirror, no one cares that Bill Clinton lied. People viewed him as a great president. He’s popular; he’ll probably help his wife get elected president. If Peyton Manning just lets it go, people will move on from it,” concluded Whitlock.

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