Trump: Union Leader Publisher a ‘Lowlife’ — Accuses Christie of Collusion

Monday on WMUR in Manchester, NH, after an editorial by publisher Joseph W. McQuaid in the New Hampshire Union-Leader that called Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a “crude blowhard,” Trump fired back calling McQuaid a “lowlife.”

The editorial also compared Trump to the bully character Biff from “Back to the Future,” saying the 2016 GOP presidential race is an “insult to the intelligence of Republican voters.”

When asked if McQuaid and his opponent Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) “colluded on this,” Trump responded by saying “Yes, I do. That’s why I go against Chris Christie. This is the way Chis is. I know Chris very well. Known him a long time. And he’s the one that got McQuaid to do this. There is no question in my mind,” adding,”Joe McQuaid is just his puppet.”

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