Dean: ‘Donald Trump Has Finally Met More Than His Match’ in Bill Clinton

Friday on MSNBC while discussing Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s strategy to attack former President Bill Clinton to weaken his potential general election opponent Hillary Clinton, former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean echoed his sentiments from yesterday when he said that strategy was ill-advised.

Dean said, “I would say that Donald Trump has finally met more than his match. Bill Clinton’s the best politician in this country, probably the best we’ve seen in this country since Franklin Roosevelt. And he’s not going to respond to Donald Trump. Donald Trump is really good at what he does. His skills don’t compare to Bill Clinton’s skills. So, I think he’s just helping us by criticizing Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton’s going to let it float. He’ll come up with a couple of great one-liners that will put him down. This is like Newt Gingrich complaining about being in the back of the plane. It completely undid the whole Republican attack on Clinton in 1996, or whatever it was. You just don’t mess with Bill Clinton. You’re going to be finding yourself six feet under before you know your name.”

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