Donna Brazile: Trump ‘Enjoys’ Going Into The ‘Sewer’ Against Hillary

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Democratic strategist Donna Brazile said Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s plan to go after the husband of his potential general election opponent Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, former president Bill Clinton, for his sexual indiscretions is going into the “sewer.”

Brazile said, “As a Democrat, I’ve known about this issue. I had to work through the issue…You can’t put it under the rug. It’s out there. yes, deal with it. We can say it’s an old issue. Hillary Clinton received 18 million primary votes in 2008. She came up short on delegates. 18 million. and Republicans know it. Democrats know it. Independents know it. If Donald Trump want to go into the sewer and play this game, do it. That’s what Donald Trump enjoys doing.”

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