Errol Louis: There Is ‘Bill Cosby Thing’ With Clinton Sex Allegations, Trump ‘Could Very Likely’ Change Discussion’s Course

CNN Political Commentator Errol Louis stated that “there is this Bill Cosby thing that’s kind of hanging out there” in the accusations made by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump against the Clintons regarding Bill’s sex life and that Trump giving Bill’s accusers a platform “could very likely change the course of that discussion” on Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day.”

Louis said that while Trump’s criticisms of the Clintons aren’t on the agenda of voters at the moment, “there is this Bill Cosby thing that’s kind of hanging out there. If you had asked somebody even just a year ago, will all of these accusations against Bill Cosby go anywhere? You’d say no.”

Louis continued, “there are accusations that go back, decades about what bill clinton did. some of them are quite lurid, some of them seem spectacular, some of them seem hard to believe, accusations of sexual assault and so forth. The people are still out there though. The people have never given up those claims in some ways. If Donald Trump is saying, ‘I’m going to put my very large megaphone behind — or in front of some of those women, and let them say what they have to say, including Hillary Clinton’s role,’ it will be at a minimum a distraction, but it could very likely change the course of that discussion.”

(h/t NewsBusters)

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