Halperin: Trump’s Attack on the Clintons ‘Politically Brilliant’

On Monday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin explained why Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s strategy to be aggressive when it comes to the Clintons is “brilliant.”

According to Halperin, it negates the suggestion that Trump was too cozy with the Clintons, an attack often used by Trump’s Republican opponent.

“There are a lot of dimensions to this,” Halperin said. “I think Bill Clinton out on the campaign trail may well not resist going after Trump. In terms of Trump, the reason why I think this is politically brilliant for him – politically brilliant – is one of the things he was vulnerable to here at the end was the charge that he’s not a real Republican, that he’s been too close to the Clintons and other Democrats. He is now the leading anti-Clinton spokesperson in the country. And so I think it would be very difficult for anybody to go on television with an ad saying, ‘Here are Trump’s past statements attacking the Clintons.’”

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