Sununu: Trump’s Only Talent is Getting Free Time on Television

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” former Bush chief of staff John Sununu criticized Republican front-runner Donald Trump and said his “only talent” is getting free time on television.

Sununu said, “Well look the Republican voters have to look past the sweetness of the rhetoric of Donald Trump and understand if they want to change policy, if they want to kill Obamacare and deal with a fake recovery in the economy, if they want to deal with the chaos occurring around the world, they will have to elect the president and hold the senate. You don’t elect the president and hold the senate if you don’t have a unified party. Somebody who knows how to get free time on television seems to have only that as a talent. That’s not the way you get a president and a senate.”

He continued, “Look at the numbers. At least three-fourths of the Republican Party does not support Donald Trump and at least three-fourths of the Republican Party do not look at Trump as a party leader. Trump has been trashing the rest of the Republican Party. There is no way you unify a party with a candidate who has been so divisive. It doesn’t make sense at all. You ask me at the beginning what the most important event coming up is, it’s New Hampshire voters who are able to sort things out, it’s for New Hampshire voters to do what they do best.”

He added, “He knows how to play the media but that is not how to be president.”

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