Ed Schultz: Questions About Whether Bill Clinton’s Past Will Be ‘Distraction’ Are ‘Legitimate’

Former MSNBC host and current commentator Ed Schultz argued that whether “issues” regarding Bill Clinton would be a “huge distraction” is “a legitimate question” in a commentary released on Monday.

Schultz said, “The gender card being played by the Clinton campaign. This is the reaction from Trump” before playing a clip of Trump bringing up Bill Clinton’s past.

After the clip ended, Schultz continued, “I think voters need to think about this. All’s fair in love war, and politics. Maybe not. [Democratic presidential candidate Sen.] Bernie Sanders (I-VT) doesn’t think that anybody should go down this road. But, not to indict the former president, but if there are some issues that arise after Hillary Clinton is president of the United States, what would the media focus on? What would the country focus on? What would the Congress focus on? Would we be able to get anything done? Would a spouse become a huge distraction to the process of what this country is facing and what needs to be done? I think it’s a legitimate question, and I think it needs to be considered by voters,”

Schultz, added, after playing a clip of Sanders dismissing Bill’s sex life as a non-issue that Sanders was “unwilling to go into the gutter at any level.”

(h/t Real Clear Politics)

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