Bill Kristol: Cruz Is Eligible, Trump Is Worried

Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is bringing up questions about his rival Canada-born senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) eligibility to be president because Trump is “worried” about Cruz surging in the polls.

Kristol said, “Every lawyer I’ve talked to thinks Cruz is eligible. Maybe Trump will be effective though. It’s sort of though raising a question mark and presumably there are voters who are torn between Trump and Cruz. Cruz seems to be eroding some of Trump’s voters. I do think he’s a little worried about Cruz. Cruz I think is ahead in Iowa now. He’s gaining a little in new Hampshire. And this California poll which I think is interesting because it’s a state no one has campaigned in right with a very late primary. So in a way you could say it’s kinda like a national poll. It’s not capturing a particular local effect and there Cruz is even with Trump. I do think Cruz is making a pretty strong run and Trump is worried.”

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