Christie: N. Korea, Syria, Crimea Examples of ‘What Weak American Leadership Gets You’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Republican presidential hopeful Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) took aim at the Obama administration in the wake of the news of a North Korea nuclear test on Tuesday.

Christie pinned the blame President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner, and said this and other events around the world are a product of a “weak American leadership.”

“Listen, the problem here is that it’s been a weak response by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the last seven years,” Christie said. “You know, three out of the four nuclear detonations that the North Koreans have done have happened on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s watch. And they have just not acted strongly at all around the world. It’s just another example piling on top of Iran, on top of Syria, on top of Crimea and Ukraine. This is what weak American leadership gets you. And Americans should be very, very concerned about this, because we have a president right now who has no idea how to lead our country or lead the world.”

Christie went on to address how he would handle these crises, but added it starts with whatever tack the United States puts forward.

We would have been in a much different situation, Brian, if I were president of the United States,” he added. “But we need to make sure that we put together a coalition of folks led by the United States that tells North Korea that this kind of conduct is just unacceptable. And we have to be able to back it up. The fact is that we’ve allowed North Korea, while the president’s been playing footsie with the Iranians, we’ve allowed the North Koreans to get further and further down the nuclear road. We have to do more than just the walk. You need to walk and chew gum at the same time. This president and Hillary Clinton have not been able to do either.”

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