Rubio: ‘Bill Clinton Wanted to Give Speeches in North Korea A Few Years Ago’

Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) reacted to North Korea’s claim that they successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb.

Rubio said, “We now have the news this morning that this lunatic in North Korea has potentially  tested a hydrogen bomb which is twice as powerful as a regular nuke —a two-step weapon— very powerful. That’s not confirmed, but here’s what’s confirmed — he is a lunatic and he’s dangerous. And this administration has done nothing about it. And Bill Clinton wanted to give speeches in North Korea a few years ago, by the way.”

Rubio was referring to emails from the Clinton Foundation that were released from Hillary Clinton tenure as Secretary of State which revealed former President Bill Clinton sought and was denied approval from the State Department to give highly paid speeches in North Korea.

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