Trump: Hillary Went After Bill’s Accusers, Foundation Might Be An Issue, I Gave Them $ Without Asking for Anything

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went after her husband’s accusers “very viciously” and that the Clinton Foundation could be an issue, but Bill’s speaking fees are a real problem on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.”

Trump said, [relevant remarks begin around 2:50] “she went after the women very very strongly, and very viciously according to the women, and according to other sources. A major book’s been written about it, and it’s a book that’s a very well respected book. And it was not a pretty picture what she did. And also, as you know, he was impeached, the president was impeached, and was lying, and he was — you know, he was impeached for lying. His law license was taken away from him, and lots of other things. He paid a massive fine, many hundreds of thousands of dollars. They paid a — I guess a fee to one of the women. So look, there’s a whole thing. when she talks about me being sexist, I mean, she can’t be speaking about that subject, and I don’t think she will be anymore. I would hope she doesn’t. And I’d rather not speak about it also. But she can’t bring it up.”

Trump was then asked about the Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of money from countries with poor human rights records and whether that should be an issue. He answered, “Well, it would really depend. I mean, I’ve given money to the Clinton Foundation. You know, I was a very, very, very big businessperson. And I get along with everybody, including the Clintons, and I’ve given money over the years to the Clinton Foundation, never asked for anything. I will say this, speeches were made by the president. I think he got like $8 million for speeches made with — you know and paid for by people that were doing work with the State Department when she was the head of the State Department. It was just in one of the papers that he was paid about $8 million for various groups and companies and they were doing business directly with the State Department at that time. And paid very, very substantially. So, these are real problems for them, ultimately, when it comes to the general election, maybe even now, but certainly when it comes to the general leaked,election, Sean.”

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