Trump: I’d Like To See Cruz Get ‘Order’ On Eligibility, Make Trade Difficult For China If They Don’t ‘Solve’ North Korea

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that he would like to see fellow candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz “get some kind of order” regarding his eligibility for president because he wouldn’t like to see Cruz’s eligibility challenged by Democrats and that China should “solve” North Korea and the US “should make trade very difficult for China” if they don’t on Wednesday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

Trump said, “You have this madman over there, who probably would use it and nobody talks to him, other than, of course other than Dennis Rodman talked to him. Ghat’s about it. But nobody is talking to him whatsoever. And nobody is discussing it with China. China has total control, believe me, they say they don’t. They have total control over North Korea. And China should solve that problem. And if they don’t solve the problem we should make trade very difficult for China. Because we are, believe it, we are holding China up. They’re taking so much money. They’re draining our country, and they’re toying with us with North Korea. So, North Korea is totally under the control — without China, they wouldn’t eat. They wouldn’t have food. They wouldn’t have anything. So, China should do it. They say they can’t, they don’t have that power. They’re toying with our politicians who don’t know what they’re doing.”

He further stated, “I would immediately start talking to china. And by the way, I’d get South Korea, that’s making a fortune. You know, they’re our trading partner if you want to use the word ‘partner,’ and I have many good friends in South Korea. They can’t believe what they get away with. But I would have them start. You know, we have 28,000 soldiers sitting up at the line, and between North Korea — right now between North Korea and South Korea. I wouldn’t want to be necessarily sitting there, could be a hot zone. But we get almost nothing for what we do. We have — we defend the world. We defend so many countries. We get nothing. They get everything, we get nothing. South Korea’s going to have to start ponying up, okay, and we’ll do it in a very nice manner. They’ll like us even more than they like us now, which but they probably don’t like us very much, because most countries don’t like us very much, even though they take advantage of us.”

Trump added, “it’s about time that China now get involved with the North Korea problem. We’ve got to close it down, because he’s getting too close to doing something. Right now, he’s probably got the weapons, but he doesn’t have the transportation system. Once he has the transportation system, he’s sick enough to use it. So, we better get involved.”

Later Trump was asked where he was going with his reference Cruz’s eligibility to run for president. He answered, “Well, I’m not going anywhere. I mean, I was just asked a very innocent question yesterday by the Washington Post, and I hope this doesn’t take place. Frankly, I don’t want to see it happen. I want to beat it — you know, beat him on his own merit. And I actually am winning in a couple of those states that you mentioned, but we won’t even mention that. … I will say, though, that the Democrats, if they bring a lawsuit on it, I mean, you have to get it solved. I would like to see Ted do something where maybe he goes in a preemptive fashion into court, to try to get some kind of an order, because I would not like to see that happen. I like him a lot. I think he likes me a lot. He’s been very nice to me. I’ve been very nice to him, but the question was actually asked of me yesterday by the Washington Post. I said, you know, it’s a problem, I’d love to see him get it straightened out.”

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