Brazile: Trump Built His Campaign on Mocking Women, Attacking Immigrants, Muslims

Thursday on CNN’s “The Lead,” while discussing the back-and-forth attacks of sexism between Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Bill and Hillary Clinton, Democratic strategist Donna Brazile declared Trump to be one built around attacking certain groups.

Brazile said, “Well, in the context of Donald Trump built his campaign on mocking women, attacking immigrants of course and smearing Muslims, I’m not surprised Donald Trump has decided to go into what I call the sleaze basket to try to bring up anything that would keep him from having a real conversation about issues that matters to the American people. When it comes to sexual assault, violence against women, I think Democrats and liberals and progressives have a good history on ensuring that women are able to tell their truth and to ensure that there are laws properly on the books to allow victims of these crimes and abuses to have their day.”

“So I don’t think there’s any contradiction there,” she continued. “Now, if Donald Trump believed that this is one way to silence Hillary Clinton when she brings up his attacks on women, I don’t think that’s going to work either. Now, I’m a feminist, Jake, and I know Bill Clinton, and I have a great deal of respect for Bill Clinton. During that time we all condemned his misconduct. I mean, I’m not married to Bill Clinton. I’m sure as a husband and wife issue there were marital issues they had to resolve. But Donald Trump is using this for politics so he can gain the support of conservatives and others who might not be embracing his campaign.”

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