Sanders: The More People See ‘Pathological Liar’ Trump, the Less Support He Will Have

Bernie Sanders
The Associated Press

Friday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)  described Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as a “pathological liar” and said he anticipated his popularity will wane.

Sanders said, “Well, the idea that you would be running for president and the idea that you would only allow people to come into your meetings who support you, and if they are thinking about supporting you or if they don’t support you and they want to hear you, the idea that they can’t come in is something that I don’t think a presidential candidate should do. Until more people get to understand what Trump is about, and by the way, I don’t say this thing lightly, I think he is a pathological liar. I think he claims to have seen, as you know, thousands of Muslims celebrating the destruction of the twin towers on 9/11. He saw it on television. Only problem was, it was never on television. No one else ever saw it on television, never happened, or the idea of saying that Bernie Sanders wants to raise taxes by 90 percent. Total lie. Not the case, at all. But I think when people understand this is a guy, a billionaire who wants to give huge, huge tax breaks to his fellow billionaires but doesn’t want to raise the minimum wage, who said in a Republican debate he thinks wages are too high in America, he thinks global warming, climate change, is a hoax invented by Chinese, I don’t know where that came from. I think the more people see, the less support he will have.”

He continued, “I think there are a lot of angry people out there and people should be angry. They are working longer hours for low wages and seeing almost all the income and wealth going to the top 1 percent. They are worried their kids can’t afford to go to college. They are worried about a crooked campaign finance system. But what my supporters understand is that we bring people together in this country to take on the billionaire class, to take on the greed of Wall Street and corporate America. What Trump is telling his supporters is the solution is for us to hate Latinos or hate Muslims or to question whether Barack Obama was born in the United States of America, that kind of nonsense. It’s a very fundamental difference in our approach.”

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