Clift: Deportation Raids Look ‘Heartless,’ Not ‘In Keeping With This President’s Values’

The Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift argued that President Obama’s deportation crackdowns look “heartless” and don’t seem consistent “with this president’s values” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

Clift said, “Well, these latest rounds of crackdowns have to do with people coming from Central America last year and the year before. And that’s because word went out, chiefly from the smuggling operators, that if you get to this country, you can figure out a way to stay and it’s all right. So, a lot of mothers and young children and young teens came, and the administration is trying to send them right back. And it looks heartless, and it doesn’t seem like it’s in keeping with this president’s values, but it is the way the law operates. And I’m not sure, the administration could be shifting its policy on this. I wouldn’t say this is the last word.”

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