ABC’s Raddatz: Obama ‘Has Underestimated’ Islamic State, ‘Not Enough Progress’ Against It

ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz stated that President Obama “has underestimated ISIS in the past” and “there’s not enough progress yet” in the fight against the group during ABC’s coverage of the State of the Union.

Raddatz said Obama “was trying to walk that line tonight between taking it seriously and not scaring people. The problem is, he has underestimated ISIS in the past.”

She added, “There are certainly markers of progress, but when he talks about those pickup trucks, and he talks about the groups of ISIS  running around in those pickup trucks, don’t threaten our national existence, well, those men in pickup trucks tonight, still are in charge of Mosul, in Iraq, they are still in charge of huge swaths in Syria. Yes, there’s progress. He — but there’s not enough progress yet, and you still have those large swaths of the country, and safe havens [for ISIS].”

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