Sununu: Putin Proved Trump Can Be Bought With 10 Cents Worth of Flattery

Monday on Newsmax TV’s  “The Steve Malzberg Show,” former Gov. John H. Sununu (R-NH) criticized Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for what he described as being bought with “1

Reacting to  Trump’s comments saying he was “fired like dog,” Sununu  said,  “That’s funny coming from a guy who’s got four major billion-dollar bankruptcies. He screwed his stock holders. The bankers put him into bankruptcy they said ‘Donald Trump, you’re fired. You’re fired like a bear.’ To use his words, they fired him like a dog and he downplays these. But these are four major billion dollar, multi-billion dollar bankruptcies. And I think it’s funny that he’s referring to anybody else’s situation. I did not, by the way, get fired by the president. I moved on because I wanted the lightning to follow me out.”

Sununu continued,  “Look, Trump’s got problems. He’s doing very well with his hot rhetoric . But the guy has no substance, he has no plan, he’s all mouth, he’s thin-skinned. Trump likes to brag that he can’t be bought because he’s so rich. Putin proved he the cheapest guy in politics today. With 10 cents worth of flattery, Putin had him sucked up all the way.  And so this is a guy that you can’t have as commander in chief.”

Sununu said. “I don’t know. Iowa’s a very difficult state to predict. Ted Cruz will hold it out there and when Trump comes into town and the New Hampshire voters do what I hope they always do and that is start looking at substance, they’ll see that Trump is no conservative. All his life he’s been a lefty liberal, he supports Obamacare, he’s all for eminent domain, he has told us he’s very pro-life. Even on immigration, this guy has been a lifelong liberal on immigration and now he’s a conservative all of a sudden? He criticized Mitt Romney for being tough on immigration and said that Mitt Romney was going to lose the Latino vote because he was so tough on immigration. This guy’s a phony. I hope the voters will begin to see that.”

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