Christie: SOTU Was ‘Storytime with Barack Obama’

Thursday on Fox Business Network’s Republican Presidential Debate Republican presidential candidate Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) said President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address painted such a positive picture of America’s condition it was like ” story time with Barack Obama.”

Partial transcript as follows:

BARTIROMO: “We know that recent global events have many people worried. Iran detaining American sailors, forcing them to apologize. North Korea and its nuclear ambitions, aggressive China and Middle East that continues to deteriorate. Not to mention ISIS is getting stronger. Governor Christie, sometimes it seems the world is on fire. Where and when should a president use military action to restore order?”

CHRISTIE: “Well, Maria, I’m glad to have heard from you in the summary of that question about what is going on in the world because Tuesday night I watched story time with Barack Obama. I got to tell you, it sounded like everything in the world was going amazing, you know?”

“The fact is a number of things the next president will have to do to clean up this mess. First thing we have to strengthen our alliances around the world, and the best way to do that is start talking to our allies again and have them be able to count on our word. Lots of people say lots of different things about me in this campaign and others but the one thing they have never said about me I’m misunderstood. And so when we talk to our allies and we give them our word in Christie administration we’re going to keep it. Next we have to talk to our adversaries. We have to make sure they understand the limits of our patience. And this president given what ted said right at beginning he is absolutely right, it is absolutely disgraceful that Secretary Kerry and others said, in their response to what’s going on, in Iran, that this was good thing. It showed how relationship was getting better. The president doesn’t understand and by the way neither does secretary Clinton. Here is my warning to everybody out in the audience tonight. If you’re worried about world being on fire, worried how we will use our military, worried about strengthening our military and you’re worried most of all keeping your homes and families safe and secure, you can not give Hillary Clinton a third term of Barack Obama’s leadership. I will not do that if I’m not nominee. She won’t get within 10 miles of the White House.”

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