Trump on His Campaign ‘Movement’: ‘Reagan Had a Little Bit of This But I Don’t Think to the Same Extent’

In an interview that aired on Bloomberg’s Thursday broadcast of “With All Due Respect” on MSNBC, GOP presidential front-runner discussed his campaign, which he had described as a “movement.”

Trump acknowledge it was “great,” but said none of it matters unless he wins the presidency.

“I think it’s greater than anything we’ve seen in this country,” Trump said. “With that being said, John, I have to win. I was called by one of your very good friends – a man I have very great respect for and I won’t say the name. He said, ‘What does it feel like?’ Because the summer had just been over. They called it the summer of Trump. They said, ‘What does it feel like?’ And I said, ‘What does what feel like?’ ‘It was the summer of Trump and it’s never been done before.’ I said, ‘Never been done before? Who cares? What’s the difference if you don’t win?’”

“It doesn’t matter unless I win,” he added.

Trump likened it to Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign, but said it lacked the intensity of his campaign.

“Now Reagan had a little bit of this, but I don’t think to the same extent,” Trump said. “But he also won and I haven’t been in the position yet. We have to see what happens. I think the closest thing I can think of is Reagan, but I don’t think it’s the intensity that we have. And don’t forget — we’re very far out. This far out, the Secret Service and all of the people — these are fantastic people and I’ll talk to people about different crowds and everybody tells me they’ve never seen crowds like these this far away from November. You know, we’re talking about a long ways away and I’m very honored by it. But it is a movement. It’s not like it’s a little political rally and people are just showing up to have fun.”

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