Maher: GOP Is ‘White Rage’ Party, Cruz Born to Satan and a Dog, Ryan Has ‘Most Punchable Face’

HBO host Bill Maher dubbed the Republican Party “the party of impotent white rage” before arguing Texas Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz is “the child of Satan and a dog” and stating House Speaker Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) has “the most punchable face in the government” during the State of the Union on Friday’s “Real Time”

After remarking, “It’s so comforting that the party of impotent white rage is also the party of concealed carry and stand your ground.” Maher said, “Ted Cruz, not born in this country. He was born in Hades, the child of Satan and a dog.”

Later in the show, Maher stated, “I always thought Ted Cruz had the most punchable face in the government. … Until I saw the State of the Union, and Paul Ryan sat there behind Obama pouting like a b*tch.”

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