Cruz: Only Reason Sailors Were Seized by Iran Was ‘Because of the Weakness of Barack Obama’

This week on “Fox News Sunday,” Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said the only reason Iran captured 10 America sailors last week was because of President Barack Obama’s “weakness.”

Cruz said, “Any nation that captured our military officers, captures our soldiers, should face serious repercussions.”

He added, “The only reason they were seized is because of the weakness of Barack Obama. The Obama/Clinton foreign policy leading from behind, our enemies are laughing at us. Days after seizing our sailors and parading them on television to humiliate them—look those images were propaganda from Khomeini. Within hours of that John Kerry and President Obama are profusely thanking Khomeini for letting our sailors go after they had wrongly captured them and tried humiliate them now they’re trying to send $150 billion to Khomeini? It is the direct result of the weakness of this presidency.”

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