Molly Ball: Professional Political Class ‘Panicked’ By the Forces Trump Has Unleashed

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” The Atlantic’s Molly Ball noted the “panic” within the so-called “professional political class” that has resulted from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s rise.

Ball said, “It was really profound to see the president in the end of his State of the Union saying that we shouldn’t listen to these voices calling us to tribalism and so on. Then the Republican response, the official response not just random politician sounding the same note. There is a sense in which the professional political class collectively is panicked by the forces that they see Trump having unleashed that they see Cruz also sort of riding along with. Cruz is extremely well positioned here and I am not convinced that Trump actually won that exchange with Cruz in the debate. Because the goodwill that Ted Cruz has with sort of talk radio faction that’s been giving Donald Trump the free pass going to rep him now that they are in conflict.”

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