Paul Begala: Andrea Mitchell’s Question to Hillary About Husband’s Transgressions ‘Totally Unfair’

Sunday on CNN following NBC’s Democratic presidential debate, former Clinton adviser Paul Begala, a network contributor for CNN, criticized debate moderator Andrea Mitchell for raising the past of former President Bill Clinton in a question to Hillary Clinton, one of the participants of the debate.

“Very few people probably spent more time with him during that period than I did — morning, noon, and night,” he said. “What Bernie said was mild compared to what Bill Clinton said about himself. This is a totally unfair question. And I love Andrea Mitchell. She’s a great journalist — totally unfair question. Bernie, I thought he knocked it out of the park. He is not going at Hillary or her husband personally. He wants to run on issues, he’s going to run on issues. I thought that was true.”

“Carville, my old partner, James Carville, one of his old laws, if there’s something too dirty or vile to raise in a campaign, don’t worry, some journalist will do it,” Begala continued. “And that’s what happened here. I’m sorry. It had no place in the debate. These two wanted to debate Wall Street and guns and Iran and taxes, health care. Nobody wants to talk about something like that.”

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