Carville Gives Edge to Cruz Over Trump in GOP Primary

Monday on “CBS This Morning,” long-time Clinton ally James Carville appeared on set to discuss last night’s Democratic presidential debate, giving the edge to Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

Carville also weighed in on the Republican presidential primary and the contest that is shaping up between front-runner Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Carville spoke positively about both Trump and Cruz, but said he was giving to edge to Cruz.

“Look, Cruz I think has got it more thought out,” Carville said. “He’s got real, real fire in his eyes. But Trump is, you know, he is very crafty, and Charlie [Rose], you’ve watched a lot of the entertainers and stuff — he has like a real timing, a touch to it. He can really turn a phrase. If I had to bet right now and I’ve said consistently I thought Cruz was the most talented of these Republican politicians I’ve seen in a long time.”

Carville acknowledged having a one-on-one meeting with Cruz, to which he said it gave him the impression that he’s got his campaign “pretty thought out.”

“I think he’s got an idea of what he’s doing. He’s got it pretty thought out,” Carville said, before acknowledging he thinks it’ll be Cruz over Trump.

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