Halperin: Hillary is ‘Still Struggling for a Strategy’ in the Final Two Weeks

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Bloomberg Politics managing editor Mark Halperin said Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was still struggling to find a strategy in the days leading up to the forthcoming Iowa caucuses.

Commenting on last night’s Democratic debate, Halperin said, “I gave the B-plus to Bernie Sanders and B to Hillary Clinton. She came in here, have to change the dynamics. She acted in some ways like she was the underdog. She’s still clearly the heavy favorite to be the Democratic nominee but Bernie Sanders — you see it in the polling, you see it on the ground in Iowa and New Hampshire — it’s been his game plan to win those two states and see where he is. And he is both as he has displayed himself last night and as his operation is projecting in Iowa and New Hampshire, he’s more confident than he’s ever been and her campaign is still struggling for a strategy in these final two weeks.”

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