Kerry Warns Saudi Arabia Of ‘All Kinds of NPT Consequences’ If They Get Nuke Due To Iran Fears

Secretary of State John Kerry stated that Saudi Arabia would face “all kinds of NPT consequences” and would be subject to the same things Iran has gone through if they pursue a nuclear weapon due to their concerns over the Iran deal in a clip of his interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that was played on Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Wolf.”

Kerry was asked, “The Saudis [are] not even ruling out the possibility, given their concern about this nuclear deal with Iran, they could go forward and buy some — maybe buy a nuclear bomb, maybe from Pakistan, you’ve heard those concerns.”

Kerry answered that “you can’t just buy a bomb, and transfer it.” He added that “There are all — There’s all kinds of NPT consequences. I mean, there are huge implications of that, and Saudi Arabia knows, I believe, that that is not going to make them safer, nor is it going to be easy, because the very things that Iran went through, they would then be subject to, with respect to inspection, NPT, and so forth.”

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