Trump: ‘Everybody Hates Ted’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump was asked about feud with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who he is competing against for the GOP presidential nomination.

Trump explained that despite criticisms from conservative talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin on how he is attacking Cruz, he has to insist that Cruz’s inability to get along with his colleagues in Congress would be detrimental to deal-making as president.

“[I] have to do what I have to do,” Trump said. “You know, I want to make America great again. I have to get things done. When you have somebody that can’t get along with anybody in Washington, you’re not going to get deals done. I mean, you have to get deals done. We can’t always keep invoking executive orders like Obama does because he can’t get deals. You know, here’s another guy who can’t get a deal done so he sits behind a desk signs an executive order, he gets sued and let’s see what happens in five years from now, OK? But that’s not the way do you it. You get Congress, you get them together, you get everybody together in a room, you cajole, you get along, you have dinner and you make deals. And you know everybody hates Ted. It’s a very tough thing. They all hate him for a lot of reasons, but they all hate him. And by the way he’s attacked me so when he attacks me as you know I’m a counter-puncher. You’ve seen a lot of people attack me and you see where they are. He attacked me first.”

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